eNSURE community safety, sOUND infrastructure AND gOVERNMENT accountabILITY:

  • Provide good roads, well-maintained trails, reliable infrastructure, & manage traffic congestion
  • Commit to ensuring that all citizens will be heard, respected, and valued
  • Facilitate transparency and community participation to align City spending with our community values
  •  Set the tone and direction to provide clear expectations, allocate resources, and provide administrative oversight of City staff

Provide a high quality of life for all residents:

  • Preserve and protect our natural resources and historic assets
  • Create and preserve sustainable long-term housing
  • Encourage the production and use of local goods and services

Manage our visitor impacts and experiences:

  • Lead the effort to manage our visitor impacts and experiences on a daily basis
  • Improve pedestrian access to the Incline and shuttle services as needed
  • Support programs, activities, and events that highlight our history and culture as a place for health, healing, and well-being