Community Supporters

The community support and encouragement has been heartwarming. Thank you to all who have endorsed my candidacy for Mayor of Manitou Springs!


"Ken Jaray is one of the most passionate advocates and supporters of Manitou Springs I have ever known.  His dedication and devotion to the protection and preservation of Manitou Springs is unmatched. His experience in a multitude of projects and work on numerous committees working to improve the lives of Manitoids and preserve what makes Manitou Springs special is nothing short of astounding.  I know Ken will make an outstanding mayor."  

Michael Merrifield, State Senator (former Manitou Springs City Council member)

“I know Ken’s character, heart, and soul. He is what we need in Manitou Springs. He is a collaborator, leader, and more often a catalyst who has been involved deeply and robustly in Manitou Springs for years.”

Pete Lee, State Representative

“With Ken’s long history of community service, we’re very fortunate to have him as a candidate for Mayor. His energy and enthusiasm for all things Manitou will serve our community well.”

Dan Stuart, Former Mayor, Manitou Springs

"For many years I have greatly admired Ken Jaray for his professionalism, generosity and passion.  Ken is an excellent attorney who has dedicated his career to helping those in need and protecting the less fortunate. He has tirelessly volunteered his time, energy and skills to numerous community
organizations and projects both in Manitou Springs and the Pikes Peak Region. Ken cares passionately for Manitou Springs and truly understands that we make our best decisions as a community when we afford everyone a meaningful opportunity to be heard. Ken Jaray is the right person at the right time to
lead our community and I am proud and excited to support his campaign for Mayor of Manitou Springs!"

Marc Snyder, Former Mayor, Manitou Springs

“Ken has the experience and passion to engage our community in true dialogue, respect all viewpoints, and bring our community back together. I’m glad he has decided to run for Mayor.”

Bill Koerner, Former Mayor & Councilor, Manitou Springs

Facilitator.  Collaborator.  Inclusive.  Mediator.  Listener. Consensus.  Empowering. These are words you will hear from nearly anyone who knows Ken or has worked with him.  This is the style of leader our community needs at this time. The role of leader is earned not demanded nor given.  Ken has earned his role as Mayor.  He has been involved in nearly every aspect of our community, always being an example of servant leadership.  I am grateful that he is now willing to serve the people of Manitou Springs.

Dan Wecks, Former Mayor and Councilor, Manitou Springs

A long time ago (1978), I was the first Mayor elected at large in Manitou, and served for six years. I've know Ken along time, since he was City Attorney. I can't think of anyone more qualified to preside on the Council and do the things the city needs to do."

Russ Lewis, Former Mayor & Councilor, Manitou Springs

"I have known of Ken's dedication and tireless volunteer efforts for many years in Manitou Springs and the Pikes Peak Region. His leadership skills and regional connections will undoubtedly be very helpful in his role as Mayor. I enthusiastically endorse his candidacy for Mayor of Manitou Springs!"

Richard Skorman, President, Colorado Springs City Council

“I am so pleasedthat Ken is running for Mayor of Manitou Springs. He has the vision, commitment, and foresight to enable this community to continue being the sacred and special place it will always be.” 

Rev. David L. Hunting, Retired, Community Congregational Church

"It's great to have Ken running for Mayor. I know that he will be a true supporter of the arts and our environment."

CH Rockey, Artist

"I believe that Ken's extensive experience working in the government arena gives him a unique ability to understand the challenges of effective governance and to strike the right balance between decisive action and listening to the concerns of the community. I think Ken will be an outstanding Mayor."

Ann Nichols, Chairperson, Historic Preservation Commission

"There are so many positive adjectives to describe Ken.  He is highly experienced, a creative thinker, collaborative, energetic, caring, research oriented, respectful, and so on.  He entered this campaign because he saw a need in our community and has no aspirations other than to lead in a positive manner.  Ken has integrity and vision and that counts for a lot in this day and age."       

Nancy Fortuin

"Ken has been active in the community for over 39 years and understands that the citizens of Manitou thrive on a dynamic that allows all to participate fully, and that the end result of such involvement is a sense of commitment and ownership that starts the cycle anew."

Jim Yount, Former Chairperson, Open Space Advisory Committee

"Through the years I have served on several committees with Ken. His leadership skills and abilities to bring out the best in others are unparalleled. When Ken’s involved, good things happen that benefit many."

Robin Purvis, Former President, Business of Arts Center

"Ken will make an excellent mayor.  Over the years I have interacted with Ken on numerous campaigns and issues that affect our community.  He is a creative thinker who is always willing to collaborate and find common ground.  Not only does he always listen to all sides of an issue, he actively seeks to hear diverse opinions before reaching a conclusion.  I have no doubt that Ken is the leader that Manitou needs as we face the many challenges that face our community."

Alan Delwiche, Chairperson, Planning Commission

"Ken will make an excellent mayor for our wonderful community."

Bryant "Tip" Ragan, Ph.D., Professor, Colorado College

"Ken Jaray was one of the very first people I met when I moved to Manitou Springs ten years ago. I attended a “clean-up day” along Fountain Creek hoping to meet some locals. Ken immediately introduced himself. What a friendly, open guy! Before I knew it he was asking me my interests and urging me to become engaged, in this case with the Fountain Creek Restoration Committee. I did. Ken was persuasive without being pushy, positive but not pie-in-the-sky, passionate and personable. Great qualities in a leader."

Nancy Wilson, Member, Open Space Advisory Committee

"I’ve known Ken since I first moved to Manitou Springs twenty years ago.  Together, we’ve worked for the Mineral Springs Foundation, collaborated on Waterfest-2016, trekked up Pikes Peak for Brain Injury Alliance, and shared friendship.  I’ve watched in admiration as, tirelessly, he organizes and supports community events and organizations...pursuing his passion: Manitou Springs as Community. With all his experience as a lawyer, in politics, and as a leader/organizer of community, I know he is the man for the job as Mayor."

Kathleen Morrow, Therapist, past director; School for Inner Health, leader; Manitou Springabouts

"Ken Jaray is exactly what our city needs.  His community engagement and collaborative decision making will ensure we preserve what is best about Manitou Springs but also drive us to an even better future.”  

 Mary Pulvermacher – Systems Engineer & 32 year resident

"Ken is truly a rare breed. He leads by ensuring that every individual and every perspective is heard, valued and respected in important conversations about the future of Manitou and our larger community. He places special emphasis on including voices that aren’t often heard, including our next generation of leaders. His unique ability to include and build consensus, coupled with his long and storied history of meaningful impact in the region will make him a truly remarkable Mayor. Ken understands the community’s needs, is committed to preserving what is uniquely Manitou, and will ensure that Manitou has a strong foundation as it moves into the future."

Jacob Eichengreen, Executive Director, Quad Innovation Partnership


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Ken announces his candidacy for Mayor!

Ken announces his candidacy for Mayor!

Over 100 people attended the campaign kickoff in June!

Over 100 people attended the campaign kickoff in June!

Getting more signatures!

Getting more signatures!

Thanks Rockey for your support!

Thanks Rockey for your support!

119 people signed my petition!

119 people signed my petition!

Ken and Sandy host a block party!

Ken and Sandy host a block party!

Lots of great help walking our neighborhoods!

Lots of great help walking our neighborhoods!

Youngest campaign supporters!

Youngest campaign supporters!

Campaigning with our deer friends!

Campaigning with our deer friends!

Enjoying Brewfest after walking our neighborhoods!

Enjoying Brewfest after walking our neighborhoods!